New and Improved Reports for Scaled Agile

New and improved reports for scaled agile and SAFe
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VisualScript's Scaled Agile solution creates a dashboard of reports for Essential SAFe® in Jira. From product roadmaps to PI planning and Sprint burndowns, you'll be able to see progress, requirements, dependencies, all in real time across multiple teams at scale.

This latest update to our solution improves the look and feel of these built-in reports and adds two brand new reports to the dashboard. All of these are included with the VisualScript app in the marketplace. You can use them as is just by specifying a few parameters or customize them for your organization.

Updated Reports

Check out the new designs for:

Updated reports

New Scaled Agile Reports

We also created two new built-in reports: Epic Dependency and Feature Roadmap that you can add to an Essential SAFe® dashboard.

Epic Dependency Report

An Epic Dependency Report lets you see the stories that are linked to an individual Epic, along with their dependencies. It will help you prioritize and plan feature development especially for features being worked on by multiple teams. As organizations scale to multiple teams, understanding cross-team dependencies for a single Epic is essential for PI planning.

This report uses an Epic as the anchor, and the center row includes all issues linked to the selected Epic. The bottom row shows the issues that are blocking the center row. The top row shows the issues the center row is blocking. It can be used to answer:

  • What are the issues within an Epic?
  • What are the status of the issues within an Epic?
  • What are the dependencies (even across different projects) of the issues within an Epic.

Learn more about VisualScript's new Epic Dependency report.

Epic dependency report

Feature Roadmap

VisualScript's new Feature Roadmap is a variation of our existing Product Roadmap report. This new report shows which teams are working on which features and when. You can filter the report by teams and see dependencies across features. Epics can also be expanded to see the details of the underlying issues. This report is useful to give an overview of product development to management and can help with future planning initiatives.

Learn more about VisualScript's new Feature Roadmap.

Feature roadmap

Read more about VisualScript's Scaled Agile solution and stay tuned for other updates coming soon!