New Built-In Reports for the Atlassian Ecosystem: PI Planning Boards, Program Velocity Reports, Burndown Charts, and More

New built-in reports for agile

VisualScript lets you generate reports and gain visibility across multiple teams at scale. Over the last few months, we talked at length with many organizations in the Atlassian ecosystem leading us to significantly improve our built-in offerings. These no-code reports are included with VisualScript in the Atlassian marketplace and you can use them as is or customize them to fit your needs. The new reports include PI planning boards, program velocity reports, sprint burndown charts, and product roadmaps.

PI Board

PI Planning Boards

The new PI planning report, lets you generate a PI board inside Jira (or Confluence) and give product managers visibility into the current state of development and compare it to the original plan for massive, interdependent projects at the enterprise scale. Learn more about VisualScript's PI planning board solution.

Velocity report

Program Velocity Reports

The new program velocity report lets you scale easily from a single team and sprint to multiple teams at the program level and view them all in a single report. Learn more about VisualScript's program velocity report solution.

Issue dependency report

Sprint Burndown Charts

Create burndown charts that work across multiple teams and account for sub-tasks without any additional manual labor or external tools. Learn more about VisualScript's sprint burndown chart solution.

Product roadmap report

Product Roadmaps

Check out VisualScript's new product roadmaps meant to create a single source of truth for your agile development teams in either Jira or Confluence. Learn more about VisualScript's product roadmap solution.