Make Pie Charts and Bar Graphs with VisualScript

New pie charts and bar graphs

We expanded the types of charts you can make with VisualScript from two to eight.

Previously, we let you take a data set and make a line or area chart.

Now you can take that same data set and also generate a pie chart, a donut chart, a bar chart, a stacked bar chart, a horizontal bar chart, and a horizontal stacked bar chart.

All the graph types

In the near future, we'll add some built-in reports using all the different chart and graph times. You can also create your own custom reports using the VisualScript SDK. Read how to add graphs using the VisualScript SDK here.

Bar Charts

A bar chart is a great way to compare data among categories. They make it easy to see the difference between groups at a glance.

In this example, we stacked the values in a single vertical to make it even easier to see the differences between items and convey a lot of information in a compact way.

The VisualScript built-in SDK gives you power to customize virtually anything about your chart from colors to the position of the unit labels and legends.

Read the VisualScript cookbook on how to make your own bar chart.

Stacked bar chart

Pie Charts

A pie chart is a circular chart divided into wedge-like sectors, illustrating proportion. When you want to make clear how anything relates to a whole, you'll want to use a pie chart. Bar charts can convey similar information, but are more often used for looking at differences over time, rather than comparing a part to a whole.

Using the VisualScript SDK, you can quickly create a truly custom pie chart. You can chance the colors, the labels, and more.

Read the VisualScript cookbook on how to make your own pie chart.

Pie Chart 2