VisualScript Reviewed by The Jira Guy

The Jira Guy review

We were excited to see that well-respected Senior Atlassian engineer, Rodney Nissen, known around the web as "The Jira Guy," reviewed our app and liked what he saw.

Rodney shares our view that to get the most out of Jira, you sometimes need add-ons that fill the gaps out-of-the-box Jira has. One of these gaps is providing executive visibility into the state of development and planning on an easy-to-read dashboard.

VisualScript lets you create a dashboard of reports using JavaScript. As Rodney points out, using JavaScript allows us to offload the performance hit for rendering a report onto a user's browsers instead of the system.

If you don't know JavaScript, VisualScript comes with a bunch of built-in reports you can use out of the box and we have friendly in-house solution experts who can help you create a custom solution for your specific reporting needs.

We don't want to spoil the whole review, so go check it out yourself.


"As I said, the built-in scripts are crazy powerful, and WELL worth the price of admission. But I still feel the ability to create your own reports for dashboards is what takes it to the next level. "

Rodney Nissen, Sr. Atlassian Engineer, Blogger, ACP-JA, ACP-SA

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