The New Built-In Project Aging Report

New project aging report built-in
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Our team initially created a project aging report as part of a custom solution for ASRC Federal Vistronix.

ASRC Federal Vistronix manages a lot of active projects for clients like the Bureau of Land Management in the United States. To make sure their servers continue to handle the complexity efficiently and to remain in compliance of data retention policies, they regularly need to identify old projects and place them in an archive.

They used to identify old projects manually. VisualScript allowed them to run a report and quickly identify old projects and the responsible contact.


"I didn't think this information could be gathered in any other way than manually. With VisualScript, I can get the information I need in just a couple of clicks that previously took me hours to compile."

Michael Armour, Task Supervisor and Senior Business Analyst at ASRC Federal Vistronix

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It turns out their challenge is not unique. Identifying stale projects clogging up Jira is an issue shared by many organizations, especially as the number of projects grows. Teams can spend hours digging into individual projects to figure out what has been completed and can be archived, and which projects are still in active use. Our new built-in project aging report allows any organization to see all their projects in Jira based on last activity.

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