Program Velocity Reports that Scale Easily

What is a Velocity Report?

Velocity is the amount of story points completed during a single sprint, averaged across all completed sprints. Teams use velocity to estimate how many sprints it will take for them to complete work in the backlog.

Velocity report

Teams may also improve their velocity over time as their processes and communications become more efficient.

The Problem with Velocity Charts in Jira

A velocity chart in Jira only exists for an individual SCRUM board and does not easily scale across multiple teams for projects.

VisualScript's Velocity Report

VisualScript's velocity report lets you scale easily from a single team and sprint to multiple teams at the program level and view them all in a single report.

VisualScript's velocity report will show:

  • Velocity by any single team
  • Completed story points by that team
  • Total story points for that team
  • Completed sprints by the team
  • Velocity by all teams
  • Completed story points by all teams
  • Total story points by all teams
  • Completed sprints by all teams

VisualScript is also fully customizable so you can easily customize and tweak the built-in velocity report to match your needs.

How it Works

To generate a Program Velocity Report using VisualScript, you'll need VisualScript installed on your Jira instance. Once VisualScript is added to your instance, you can add a VisualScript gadget to your dashboard. When the VisualScript gadget is added to a dashboard, you'll see a list of available reports to run. The built-in reports will be in a folder called "Built-In Reports".

Choose "Jira Velocity" to add to your dashboard. You'll be asked to provide some data to generate the report.

You'll need to provide a project key or keys if you want the report to include data from multiple projects.

Next, you'll want to specify the timeframe for the velocity such as a quarter or year using specific start and end dates.

To add teams, the report assumes you've specified those using Components. If that's not the case, the built-in script is customizable.

Once your report is generated, you'll see a few tables that show velocity both at the team and program level.

VisualScript velocity report

Customize to Fit Your Needs

While VisualScript offers a turn-key, no-code solution that will work out of the box for many teams, you can also easily make adjustments to create a custom report.

VisualScript comes with a built-in SDK that makes it easy to generate custom reports that fit your teams' needs. We even have friendly engineers who will help you get started.