VisualScript is a custom reporting solution for agile organizations that need visibility across multiple teams at scale in real-time.

These built-in solutions are meant to showcase what's possible using VisualScript's platform. VisualScript also includes a powerful scripting environment that lets you customize these solutions or create any solution to solve your reporting needs. Learn how to build a custom solution.

PI planning board

Program Increment Planning Board

Generate a program increment planning board for SAFe® inside Jira in real-time without any manual whiteboard work and without restructuring your team workflows. VisualScript will allow your enterprise to deploy digital program increment planning with minimal impact to your current workflows. Give product managers visibility into the current state of development and compare it to the original plan for massive, interdependent projects at the enterprise scale.

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Issue dependency solution

Issue Dependency Reports to Find Bottlenecks

Easily see and understand dependencies in your product development effort. VisualScript's issue dependency solution lets you focus in on potential bottlenecks that could be slowing down your team at the individual feature or initiative level.

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Program velocity report

Program Velocity Reports that Scale Easily

See the velocity of your teams at the individual team level or aggregated at the program level. VisualScript's velocity report solution allows you to measure the velocity of any team overall, per sprint, or measure the velocity across teams and across projects.

There's no need to collect velocity data from multiple boards manually. VisualScript scales easily from a single team and sprint to multiple teams at the program level. For SAFe, you can easily get the velocity for your Agile Release Train (ART) and for Scrum, you can get the velocity of your Scrum of Scrum (SoS) team.

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Sprint burndown chart

Sprint Burndown Charts with Sub-Tasks for Multiple Teams at Scale

Create burndown charts that work across multiple teams and account for sub-tasks without any additional manual labor or external tools. VisualScript's sprint burndown charts will let you visualize your sprints for your whole project with as many teams as you manage. You can include sub-tasks and optionally include or leave off story points.

VisualScript provides all the flexibility you need to get the visibility you want.

Make sure you're fully utilizing all your teams' resources and know when you may need to rebalance tasks to keep optimum velocity to ensure you ship on time.

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Product roadmap

Easy-to-Read Product Roadmaps Inside Confluence and Jira That Serve as a Single Source of Truth

VisualScript's product roadmap solution creates a single source of truth for your agile development teams in either Jira or Confluence. This is the perfect reporting tool if you have executives and managers who are not comfortable digging around Jira, but still need to know which teams are working on what features.

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Risk matrix

Risk Matrix to Help Project Managers and SCRUM Masters Report and Track Risks

Track and report on risks and prioritize issues based on their potential impact. Project managers can use a risk matrix to see how well a project is performing based on the number of issues in each column and pinpoint the biggest potential risks early to help mitigate them.

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