Time in Status Report

What is a Time in Status Report?

A Time in Status Report shows your service desk performance in context of your actual workflow. This report show the average length of time a ticket spends in each status and shows the path of ticket status changes. You'll see where issues get stuck longer than they should and spot bottlenecks in real-time and take action.

Time in Status Report

VisualScript Gives You Situational Awareness

Traditional service desk reporting is usually done via gauges and charts. VisualScript allows you to create a report that gives you situational awareness that shows not just the numberical values for average time, but where they are along your service desk processes.

There's no better way to actually spot bottlenecks and modify processes and resource allocation.

How it Works

To generate a Time in Status Report using VisualScript, you'll need VisualScript installed on your Jira instance. Once VisualScript is added to your instance, you can add a VisualScript gadget to your dashboard. When the VisualScript gadget is added to a dashboard, you'll see a list of available reports to run. The built-in reports will be in a folder called "Built-In Reports".

Choose "ITSM Time in Status Report" to add to your dashboard.

You'll be asked to provide a few parameters. To generate the report, you'll just enter your project with start and end dates. Next, select the issue type (such as "incidents" and "service requests") you want to include.

To make the report generate faster, you can limit the sample size this report takes into account. Leaving the "Sample Size" field blank will display the full report.

VisualScript Time in Status Report Parameters

Customize to Fit Your Needs

While VisualScript offers a turn-key, no-code solution that will work out of the box for many JSD teams, you can also easily make adjustments to create a custom report that fits your organization.

VisualScript comes with a built-in SDK that makes it easy to generate custom reports that fit your teams' needs. We even have friendly engineers who will help you get started.

We'll Build You a Custom Reporting Solution Free

VisualScript's strength lies in the ability to customize any of the built-in reports. We'd like to invite you to join our special Proof-of-Concept program to help you diagnose your existing reporting gaps and to develop a custom solution. This program includes an extended evaluation and one-on-one collaboration with one of our developers to implement a dashboard of relevant reports.

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