Ticket Activity Report

What is a Ticket Activity Report

A ticket activity report shows you all your service desk activity in one table so you can see what's going on at a glance. You'll get metrics by department for volume, escalation and severity, and type of resolution.

Ticket Activity Report

VisualScript Enhances Jira Service Desk Reporting

VisualScript allows you to go beyond the built-in JSD reporting. Reports like this ticket activity report are highly flexible and customizable. Plus, VisualScript allows you to gather data from across multiple projects without any manual reporting. You'll see all currently open issues, total opened issues, tickets not created by self-service, high priority issues, and more across multiple teams and departments.

You'll get:

  • Issue metrics by department for volume
    • Currently open issues
    • Total Opened issues
    • Resolved Issues
  • Issue metrics by department for escalation and severity
    • Tickets not created by self-service
    • High Priority issues

How it Works

To generate a Ticket Activity Report using VisualScript, you'll need VisualScript installed on your Jira instance. Once VisualScript is added to your instance, you can add a VisualScript gadget to your dashboard. When the VisualScript gadget is added to a dashboard, you'll see a list of available reports to run. The built-in reports will be in a folder called "Built-In Reports".

Choose "ITSM Ticket Activity Report" to add to your dashboard.

You'll be asked to provide a few parameters. To generate the report, you'll just enter your projects with start and end dates and the issue types (such as "incidents" and "service requests") you want to include.

VisualScript Ticket Activity Report Parameters

Customize to Fit Your Needs

While VisualScript offers a turn-key, no-code solution that will work out of the box for many JSD teams, you can also easily make adjustments to create a custom report that fits your organization.

VisualScript comes with a built-in SDK that makes it easy to generate custom reports that fit your teams' needs. We even have friendly engineers who will help you get started.