SLA Metrics: Health Gauge Report

What is an SLA?

A service-level agreement (SLA) sets expectations for quality of service between a service provider and a service user in a contract. It usually has specific metrics and remedies or penalties for breaches. If you are contracted to provide a specific level of service, it will be essential for you to know when you are in breach of that agreement.

SLA health gauge

Reporting on SLA Metrics

VisualScript's Health Gauge Report lets you put your Jira Service Desk KPIs front and center on your Jira dashboard. These gauges are perfect for a busy service desk with multiple projects that would otherwise rely on manual reporting to evaluate performance. VisualScript lets you quickly see numbers across projects and teams. For example, you can see what percentage of SLAs are met vs breached.

VisualScript Enhances Jira Service Desk Reporting

When you need to go beyond the povided JSD reports, VisualScripts gauges are the easiest to work with and provide you with the flexibility you need for your organization. The gauges can easily be tailored to what data you want to see, even across multiple projects.

VisualScript SLA Health Gauge

How it Works

To generate an SLA Health Gauge using VisualScript, you'll need VisualScript installed on your Jira instance. Once VisualScript is added to your instance, you can add a VisualScript gadget to your dashboard. When the VisualScript gadget is added to a dashboard, you'll see a list of available reports to run. The built-in reports will be in a folder called "Built-In Reports".

Choose "ITSM Health Gauge Report" to add to your dashboard.

You'll be asked to provide a few parameters. First, enter your "Project key" or multiple keys separated by commas. Next, enter a start and end date for the report. Every issue after the start the date and before the end date will be included in your report.

You'll also want to specify which issue types to include like "incidents" and "service requests." You can also choose whether you want to include breaches from the ongoing cycle. The ongoing cycle is the one that has not completed yet.

Finally, choose a sample size for your report. If you leave the sample size at 0, all issues will be included to calculate the percentages.

VisualScript SLA Health Gauge Parameters

Customize to Fit Your Needs

While VisualScript offers a turn-key, no-code solution that will work out of the box for many JSD teams, you can also easily make adjustments to create a custom gauge that fits your organization.

VisualScript comes with a built-in SDK that makes it easy to generate custom gauges and reports that fit your teams' needs. We even have friendly engineers who will help you get started.