VisualScript Reporting for Project Management

Whether you adhere to the waterfall method, all in on Agile, or like so many, some practice some hybrid of the two, project management is the foundation of any modern organization. Many resources (financial and human) are invested into meeting the goals of delivering projects on time and with the expected results. Across all methodologies, visibility into how projects are running is critical for meeting goals. Knowing if there are high impact issues, work not associated with a story, or projects no longer active will help you make resource allocation decisions and communicate to customers and stakeholders.

VisualScript's flexibility and power allows you to create reports to keep your projects running on time.

Reports Available on a Project Management Dashboard

Risk matrix

Risk Matrix

Project managers track risks that may affect schedule and development cost. This easily customizable risk matrix helps them track and report risks on a Jira dashboard at a glance.

Learn more about VisualScript's Risk Matrix.

Gantt Chart

Gantt chart

A Gantt chart is a common tool in traditional waterfall development. It allows project managers to visually plan and track projects. It is also a helpful way to visualize a project schedule in agile development when seeing dependencies is important. It combines a table of tasks to be accomplished along with issue details and timelines showing their status and interdependencies. This helps stakeholder on the team, as well as others outside the team, see the real-time up to date schedule and relationships.

Project Aging

Project Aging

Identifying stale projects clogging up Jira can be a challenge, especially as the number of projects grows, requiring hours of digging into individual projects to figure out what has been completed and could be archived, and which projects are still in active use. This project aging report shows all projects in Jira based on last activity.

Check out this case study using our project aging report.

Project Hierarchy

Project Hierarchy

While Jira provides filters for issues by epic, it can be difficult to see how the epics, stories, and issues fit together. This report organizes issues under their epic and story and gives you a hierarchical view of relationships. It's also a good way to identify issues that are not part of a larger story or epic and might be falling through the cracks.

Project Org Chart

Project Org Chart

Gain instant visibility into how much work is assigned to each member of a project and what status that work is in. Know when someone is overloaded or behind and take action to keep things running smoothly.