Learn How to Create Custom Reports
with VisualScript Studio

VisualScript Studio renders VisualScript markup to create real-time reports of data. To create a custom report, all you have to do is translate your data into VisualScript and pass that file to VisualScript Studio for rendering. We've created an SDK that lets you read data, manipulate it, and translate it into correctly formatted VisualScript easily.

VisualScript Documentation

VisualScript SDK

See an overview of all the classes and methods for building VisualScript from your data. Learn more.

VisualScript Cookbook
VisualScript Cookbook

A detailed overview of the ingredients of VisualScript with some recipes using the SDK. Learn more.

VisualScript Markup Language Reference - VSML
VisualScript Markup Reference

An overview of all the objects and constants available in the VisualScript markup language. Learn more.

Using VisualScript Studio

Run reports in VisualScript Studio
Run a Report

Learn how to run a report in VisualScript Studio. Learn more.

Using the Built-In Script Editor
Create a Report with JavaScript

Generate code and related UI directly in VisualScript Studio with a built-in Script Editor. Learn more.

Create a REST endpoint report
Create a REST Endpoint Report

See how you can expose REST endpoint for a visual report. Learn more.

Join the Proof of Concept Program

See how VisualScript Studio can help solve your data visualization needs and get a custom report created by one of our developers. Get a custom report free