Feature Roadmaps

What is a Feature Roadmap?

A feature roadmap offers a visual overview of the development and release of key product features and their dependencies. It's a different look at the same data that a product roadmap shows but filters the information by teams and shows dependencies.

This reports gives an important overview of product development to management and can help with future planning initiatives.

Feature roadmap

Why You Need a Feature Roadmap

Many managers, especially at the executive level, don't have time to find information in Jira. They want to see a report on a dashboard that can answers their questions at a glance.

VisualScript's feature roadmap allows executives to see a different representation of a roadmap that shows the features by team and their dependencies.

VisualScript's Feature Roadmap

VisualScript's Feature Roadmap shows when features will be worked on and the versions/PIs boxed within that time. The report also shows which team(s) are working on the feature, and when and shows the dependencies between Epics. Epics can also be expanded to see the details of the underlying issues.

VisualScript is also fully customizable so you can easily customize and tweak the built-in feature roadmap to match your needs.

How it Works

To generate a Feature Roadmap using VisualScript, you'll need VisualScript installed on your Jira instance. Once VisualScript is added to your instance, you can add a VisualScript gadget to your dashboard. When the VisualScript gadget is added to a dashboard, you'll see a list of available reports to run. The built-in reports will be in a folder called "Built-In Reports".

Choose "Jira Feature Roadmap" to add to your dashboard.

VisualScript will need a few bits of data before it generates the report.

First, you'll need to specify the Agile Release Train project you want to report on using its project key. You can enter multiple projects separated by commas.

Next, you'll need to list the fixed versions you want to see.

You will also need to name the teams you want the filter to include in this report. VisualScript uses the component field to gather team data, but if you're using a different field to store team information you can type that in here.

Like with all VisualScript solutions, this can be customized to fit your individual organization's needs.

VisualScript feature roadmap parameters

The generated report will show columns that correspond to your PIs with start and end dates. Under each PI, you'll see all the Epics that belong there showing which team or teams are working on them. You'll also see the number of stories that are under each Epic and the percentage of them that are considered resolved.

Lines between Epics will show dependencies across PIs and teams.

Feature roadmap report

Everything is linked to data in Jira if you want to dig deeper. In fact, the report has a built-in expanded view option for each Epic. You can click on the expanded view icon in the lower right corner of an Epic and bring up a grid that shows you all your stories with storypoints and show you which teams they're assigned to and their dependencies. This is a great resource for any feature planning meetings.

VisualScript feature roadmap expanded view

Customize to Fit Your Needs

While VisualScript offers a turn-key, no-code solution that will work out of the box for many teams, you can also easily make adjustments to create a custom report.

VisualScript comes with a built-in SDK that makes it easy to generate custom reports that fit your teams' needs. We even have friendly engineers who will help you get started.