Data Visualization Examples

Some example reports and data visualizations created using VisualScript. VisualScript is fully customizable so you can write your own report. Learn how.

Program Increment Planning Board for Scaled Agile (SAFe®)

This example demonstrates digitizing a program increment planning board aligned with features in SAFe®. It uses color to indicate relationship, just as you might using string in traditional analog planning sessions with whiteboards.

It was created with the help of custom fields using Adaptavist's ScriptRunner. Read more.

At Risk Tasks Visualization Link Icon

At Risk Tasks

See a list of issues at risk in a Jira project with this simple VisualScript example. Specify projects and due dates and visualize issues at risk. We'll walk you through how we built the script from connecting to Jira's API, building a model, and transforming the data into VisualScript to create a diagram. Read more.

Project Org Chart

This example gives a quick overview of work assigned to users on a project. Useful for balancing workloads and highlighting potential bottlenecks. Read more.

Project Org Chart Link Icon
Jira Issue Dependency Link Icon

Jira Issue Dependency

Show the relationship of an issue with both an epic and with any linked tasks. The colors, column names, and line styles can easily be tweaked in the code. Useful for making critical paths in a project more accessible to a wider audience. Read more.

Risk Matrix

See a project's tasks grouped by their impact in real-time to make critical resource allocation decisions fast and keep a sprint on track.

Takes the results of a filter for risks based on issue scoring fields and displays them as a Risk Matrix with color coding.

It was created with the help of custom fields using Adaptavist's ScriptRunner. Read more.

Risk Matrix Example Link Icon
Jira Blocking Issue Link Icon

Jira Blocking Issue

Use this script to shows all dependencies, blocking and blocked by, for a given issue key. Read more.

Project Roll-Up

See the sprints from multiple projects on a single timeline to help coordinate resources and timing.

This visualization takes a list of project names and rolls up all the issues in their respective sprints so you can see at a glance the the number of issues tagged as still "to do", "in progress", or "done".

Read more.

Project Roll-up visualization Link Icon
Jira filter visualization Link Icon

Jira Filter Visualization

Create a visual using Jira Query Language. Enter your query and this script will return a set of issues depicted in a hierarchy of epics, stories, issues, and subtasks. Read more.

My Unresolved Issues

See a visual of all the issues assigned to a single user across multiple projects.

This script could be used on a personal Jira dashboard to help productivity. See at a glance all the issues assigned to the person logged into the Jira instance.

Read more.

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Project hierarchy Link Icon

Visual Project Hierarchy

Show the hierarchy of a single project as a visual to reveal relationships and potential resource issues at a glance.

Read more.

How-To Articles

This script lets you visualize all the how-to articles in a space by looking for pages that match the label of "kb-how-to-article".

Read more.

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Page Hierarchy Link Icon

Confluence Page Hierarchy

Visualize the hierarchy of pages in any of your Confluence spaces with this simple script. You can insert this macro to help you navigate your space easier and see at a glance how pages are related to one another. Read more.

Confluence Page History

A Confluence page is often edited multiple times by multiple people.  If you look at the Page History, you'll get a list of the versions created by "publish" events, but having the same information displayed on a timeline makes it much more clear.

Read more.

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