Reporting for Enterprise Service Management (ESM)

Enterprise Service Management extends the ITIL and Agile concepts and processes beyond ITSM to other departments in an organization. Because a lot of processes like onboarding naturally involve IT while also touching mutliple departments, a common set of tools to manage them helps businesses operate more efficiently. The goal of ESM is to create a common toolset for service desks and knowledge-bases that leverages best practices from ITSM. Reporting on these standardized processes and activities in a central way removes silos and old barriers to communication so you business can grow and iterate in today's fast-paced global environment.

Jira Service Desk (JSD) is an excellent foundation for implementing Enterprise Service Management (ESM) across your organization. By leveraging JSD's strengths in ITSM and its integration with Confluence for a knowledge-base, an organization can standardize on one set of tools to be used across major functional areas.

The problem is that JSD's reporting is fairly limited and virtually non-existant outside of IT. Businesses spend valuable time manually exporting the data and building reports externally. This can be inefficient and costly. VisualScript can create a single dashboard as a central repository of reports on KPIs, workflows, and more for all functional areas of your organization.

Reports for All Functional Departments

Reports for ESM
Human resources
Human Resources

Leveraging reports like capacity flow and time in status, human resources can get a view of how their team is performing at handling requests. Pulling in data for teams from other functional areas expands their visibility into the rest of the organization so they can see trends that can help make large-scale strategic decisions.


VisualScript can provide workflow reporting across the organization for audits, governance, and compliance teams. Using a common source of data and reports, you will know how processes work across your organization and know who to ask when key metrics are not being met.


Just like IT service desks, facilities groups handle large volumes of requests from across the organization. Give facilities managers easy-to-read reports as gauges and matrices so they can see how their teams fulfill requests and help improve performance when necessary.


As a team that supports so many areas of the organization, it is critical for marketing groups to have a handle on requests and capacity. Reuse reports from your IT service desk to get a holistic view of campaign and collateral development and spot bottlenecks in your workflow before they cause delays.

Better Reporting for ESM

VisualScript provides a single location to see all of the data that pertains to service requests for any type of department. Save development time by re-using existing ITSM reports. Create a common threshold of visibility for department managers and stakeholders so everyone is on the same page when it comes to making strategic decisions. VisualScript makes it easy to customize any dashboard with additional reports. For more details on possible reports, check out our ITSM solution.