Visualize DevOps for Jira and Confluence

VisualScript Studio is now available for Atlassian's Jira and Confluence. It lets you visualize DevOps data in real-time as a Jira dashbomd gadget or a Confluence page macro. Gain increased visibility into complex projects and workflows, make decisions faster, and allocate team resources more efficiently.

VisualScript Studio is based on a markup language called VisualScript, which makes it easy to describe visuals in JSON without using coordinates. VisualScript lets you visualize relationships and flows and provide insights for your team in context of your DevOps initiatives.

VisualScript Studio for Jira and Confluence comes with a collection of developer tools to help you turn data from any source into VisualScript easily, including an SDK, example scripts, and a built-in script editor.

Visualscript for Jira and Confluence

VisualScript Studio for Jira

Visualize DevOps data as dashboard gadgets.

  • Create custom reports using:
    • Script Editor
    • REST Builder
  • Built-in gadgets for:
    • Jira Issue Dependency
    • Project Org Chart
    • Jira Blocking Issue
    • Project Hierarchy
    • My Unresolved Issues
    • At Risk Tasks
    • Project Roll-Up
    • Jira Filter Visualization
  • ScriptRunner scripts for:
    • Program Increment Planning Board for SAFe®
    • Risk Matrix
    • Issue Filter Hierarchy

VisualScript Studio for Confluence

Visualize DevOps data using page macros.

  • Create custom reports using:
    • Script Editor
    • REST Builder
  • Built-in gadgets for:
    • Page Tree
    • Page History
    • How-to Article Visualization

Get Tangible Results

Arm recently rolled out VisualScript Studio to visualize their PI Planning for SAFe in real-time.

Before VisualScript Studio, Arm used a physical whiteboard for Scaled Agile Program Increment Planning. VisualScript Studio allowed them to recreate this visual inside Jira, in real-time, keeping all their remote teams on the same page more efficiently.

"We have always used a physical whiteboard to visualize Sprint dependencies, features and relevant milestones during our PI Planning. VisualScript Studio has provided us with a real-time dashboard in Jira to visualize this data. As a result, we have started to see improvement in collaboration and efficiency across globally distributed implementation teams." Rob Negus, Director of IT Product Delivery, Delivery Management and Agile CoE, Arm IT

Read the entire case study.

SAFe gadget

Examples of VisualScript Studio in Action

Program Increment Planning Board for SAFe

Digitize Your Program Board for SAFe®

Visualize issue dependencies in Jira

Visualize Critical Paths
in Your Project

Risk matrix

Assess Project Tasks by Risk

Project Hierarchy

See Your Entire Project at a Glance

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