VisualScript Embodies Key Theme of Visibility at the Atlassian Summit

Summit 2019: The Importance of Visibility and Openness
Emese Gaal

By Emese Gaal

One of the biggest takeaways from this year's Atlassian Summit was the importance of visibility and openness. Management, team members, and customers all demand transparency.

Teams Perform Better with Better Visibility

Managers want to stay on top of teams no matter how complicated a project gets and team members want to know how their work fits in with the larger organization. With the acquisition of Jira Align (formerly AgileCraft), Atlassian is betting big that people want visibility into all projects at all levels. Team members need to feel empowered and see the relationships between each epic, story, and issue. They need to see dependencies to know what projects may be in danger, see incident reports when something goes wrong, and keep everyone on the same page about progress and goals.

VisualScript Brings Visibility to DevOps

VisualScript aligns with the goals of Atlassian in providing visibility into projects with improved reporting. VisualScript offers a way to visualize issue dependencies, PI planning boards for Scaled Agile, project hierarchies, sprint and incident timelines - all automatically generated from data inside Jira and Confluence.

For example, visualizing how issues block each other you can help your team pinpoint potential bottlenecks and critical paths.

Jira issue dependency

You may want to see all sprints on a single timeline to help coordinate resources and timing. Or you can create a timeline for an incident to help understand what happened and be transparent to your team, customers, and management.


VisualScript Featured at Summit

Anyone involved in Scaled Agile knows about PI planning boards. VisualScript was featured at Summit for having helped Arm IT digitize the physical Program Boards with real-time data from Jira helping their teams keep on the same page.

VisualScript at the Atlassian Summit

Arm IT Adopts VisualScript for Large Scale PI Planning

The large scale Program Increment (PI) Planning events held in Arm IT presented unique challenges for the group when they tried to maintain visibility of the outputs and outcomes once the planning event was over. It was proving increasingly difficult to monitor the agreed plan through the PI using physical planning boards alone.

ARM PI board

The internal expertise of Arm's IT Delivery Management Office (IT DMO), Adaptavist consultants, ScriptRunner, and VisualScript combined to create a powerful solution to digitize the physical Program Boards that are being used across Arm IT.

You can read the entire case study here.