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Visualizing DevOps Data

Need to know what issues are blocking your current sprint? Do you know which issues pose the biggest risks? Do you know at a glance where your potential bottlenecks are?

VisualScript is a new data visualization tool designed for DevOps in Jira and Confluence to help your team make decisions faster, allocate resources, and keep your projects on track.

VisualScript allows users to visualize complex relational data in real-time as dashboard gadgets and pages.

Visualize DevOps for Jira and Confluence
Atlassian Summit 2019

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Want to learn more? Come by our booth (Booth #700) at the Atlassian Summit in Las Vegas, April 9th to April 11th. We'd love to give you a demo and talk about how we can help you build visualizations that give you actionable insights and make your team faster and more efficient.

Examples of VisualScript in Action

Program Increment Planning Board for SAFe

Digitize Your Program Board for SAFe®

Visualize issue dependencies in Jira

Visualize Critical Paths
in Your Project

Risk matrix

Assess Project Tasks by Risk

Project Hierarchy

See Your Entire Project at a Glance

How VisualScript Works

VisualScript lets you transform your data into a visual using an SDK that makes creating visuals in designated formats easy without using coordinates.

You can:

  • Transform data from multiple sources into diagrams (flows, tree, timelines, and Gantt charts) using the VisualScript SDK
  • Automatically visualize critical DevOps data and relationships in real-time
  • Build and view your own custom visualizations with VisualScript
How VisualScript works

Go Beyond Standard Data Visualization

Tableau, Power BI, and other standard data visualization tools focus on numerical XY data that is visualized as bar graphs and line charts. Much of the DevOps information your team needs is relational, instead of numeric. You want to know:

  • Which issues create a critical path to delivering software
  • Prioritize the work-to-be-done in an agile project using hierarchy
  • How digitized program increment planning accelerates remote teams

VisualScript is the only tool that can visualize information in a manner compatible with DevOps' unique data structure.

Arm IT recently rolled out VisualScript to help with program boards used in SAFe®.

"We have always used a physical whiteboard to visualize Sprint dependencies, features and relevant milestones during our PI Planning. VisualScript has provided us with a real-time dashboard in Jira to visualize this data. As a result, we have started to see improvement in collaboration and efficiency across globally distributed implementation teams." Rob Negus, Director of IT Product Delivery, Delivery Management and Agile CoE, Arm IT

Read the entire case study.

Visualscript diagram detail

VisualScript for Jira and Confluence

VisualScript for Jira and Confluence allows you to generate visuals from data as a Jira dashboard gadget or a Confluence macro. You'll get the ability to build custom scripts with a close integration with Adaptavist's ScriptRunner.

Built-in scripts include:

  • Jira Issue Dependency
  • Project Org Chart
  • Jira Blocking Issue
  • Project Hierarchy
  • My Unresolved Issues
  • At Risk Tasks
  • Project Roll-Up
  • Jira Filter Visualization

We're adding more scripts frequently.

We would love to talk to you about your specific needs and how VisualScript can help visualize your data.

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Visualscript for Jira and Confluence