VisualScript at the Atlassian Open

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Teamwork Visualized

Since the launch of VisualScript at Summit in Las Vegas, we've been focusing on improving VisualScript based on continued conversations with the amazing Atlassian community.

You told us you wanted a tool that could do cross team reporting at scale and one that adapted to your unique data structure and workflows.

So we added new, built-in solutions to help you create the reports that matter to your team.

If you're heading to Open in Boston, you'll be the first to see the new VisualScript in person!

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Get a demo at Atlassian Open

Get a Demo

Want to learn more? Come by our booth (Booth #22) at the Atlassian Open in Boston, October 29th to 30th. We'd love to give you a demo and talk about how we can help you build visualizations that give you actionable insights and make your team faster and more efficient.

VisualScript is Flexible and Customizable

One of the biggest challenges of agile is scaling your teams while still delivering massive, interconnected projects on time.

To report on progress or see the current state of work, you might be building reports by hand or using tools that are either too complex or don't quite get the job done.

In a lot of cases, your workflows don't align with how other reporting tools work.

The beauty of VisualScript is that it will adapt to match your data structure and workflow.

VisualScript lets you transform your data into a visual report using an SDK that makes creating visuals in designated formats easy.

How VisualScript works
VisualScript solutions

See the New Built-In Solutions

These no-code reports are included with VisualScript in the Atlassian marketplace and you can use them as is or customize them to fit your needs.

The new solutions include:

  • PI planning boards
  • Sprint burndown charts
  • Program velocity reports
  • Product roadmaps

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Who doesn't like good swag? Swing by the booth and grab this high-quality shirt inspired by teamwork.

See you in Booth 22 in Boston!

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