VisualScript Makes an Impression at META-INF's Atlassian Day

Meta-Inf Atlassian Day and VisualScript
Emese Gaal

By Emese Gaal

One of the many topics touched on at META-INF's Atlassian Day in Budapest last week was the power of information that helps you communicate, plan, and work together better.

Creating Reports Can Become a Log Jam

Communicating key information doesn't have to be a stumbling block to keeping projects on track. Not every piece of data requires a meeting, and not every meeting requires a polished PowerPoint presentation. Right now, many people have expressed frustration that pulling together data from multiple sources is often painstaking and takes them away from more important work. Just look at the recent survey of DevOps engineers who listed producing reports as one of their biggest challenges in providing DevOps visibility. Important work gets put on hold while reports are created. Reporting is not agile enough.

To help teams become more agile, reporting should be real-time and polished enough to keep stakeholders in the loop, but not so difficult to produce that it takes away from deploying and publishing.

VisualScript Brings Real-Time Visibility to DevOps

At META-INF's Atlassian Day, Jimi Abbabiyi from Adaptavist talked about how VisualScript can help:

  • Visualize relational data unique to the DevOps cycle
  • Create transparency across your teams by transforming your Jira and Confluence data into easily digestible visual dashboards
  • Increase team velocity and efficiency by visualising data in real-time
Jimi presentation about VisualScript at Meta-Inf Atlassian Day

VisualScript embraces agile when it comes to data visualization. It's designed to visualize data unique to DevOps as trees, hierachies, and relationships. You can visualize:

  • Issue dependencies
  • Program Increment (PI) Planning Boards for Scaled Agile
  • Deployment status of specific issues
  • Project bottlenecks
  • And more!

Your data visualization is added to any Jira dashboard as a gadget, so anyone with access to the dashboard can see at a glance and in real-time what's important to your team.

Jira issue dependency

What Would You Like to Visualize?